Want to Become a Member?

Sunsets West Cooperative is ready to accept membership from everyone interested in being an owner/member of an innovative local business.

Member's Benefits

Benefits include a share of yearly profits as allocated by the Board to member equity payments in accordance with the amount that you buy in a year.

Buyers' Club: 10% on cost for special orders and purchases from Azure Standard, soon to be available to members only.

$20 limit cash back with purchases.

We are an innovation in Clallam County. We are the only Food Coop in Clallam County.

We are being observed by the USDA and other State authorities for our initiative in restructuring our economically depressed communities. Join in the drive for success.

Call in or write to us and we will be delighted to welcome you to the world of Sunsets West Cooperative Membership.

Meeting Schedule

Please check our Calendar for scheduled meetings!


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