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Sunsets West Coop is a Co-op in Clallam Bay, Washington operating since 2010.

Support your local economy, find cost effective value packed goods in your own community, and save gas. Our "Buyers' Club" members enjoy convenience, quality, good choices, and savings right here in Clallam Bay. Make membership today join a nationwide trend.  Sustainability is working.

About Us

Sunsets West Coop is a Co-op in Clallam Bay, Washington operating since 2010. We are an innovation in Clallam County.  We are the only Food Co-op in Clallam County. We are being observed by the USDA and other State authorities for our initiative in restructuring our economically depressed communities. Join us in the drive for success.

Phone or email your intention to membership.  Call in or write to us and we will be delighted to welcome you to the world of Sunsets West Co-op Membership.


It all started on 2nd July, 2007.

Several weeks before, Diana said she wanted to get a few boxes of fruit and vegetables to sell to the tourists.  After a few weeks of listening to her plan brewing, Terry and I decided to join in and activate the idea.   We pooled our $150's, ordered the minimum order of $300, arranged delivery and set up outside of the Three Sisters' of Clallam Gallery, the green building in Clallam Bay.

The summer was cold.  The wood stove burned all day most days.  We put on our jackets to go out and serve by the road; we sold enough to renew our order every three weeks. It was a testing job, six days a week, but one that captured my imagination. I found myself saying we will be growing into a Co-op. At this point I had no idea and had not heard that any research had been done on this by anyone.

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