Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Why should I become a member?

Your membership in the Sunsets West Co-op provides you with the following privileges:

  1. To be an integral part of a business that puts people above profit
  2. To have a stake in your local business community
  3. To get a discount on items ordered through our Buyer's Club or weekly ordering system
  4. To receive quarterly Newsletter updates on the status of the business you own
  5. To belong to the movement of Co-operatives, reportedly the only growing business model in our times

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Interested in becoming a member?

For just $40 dollars you make membership of Sunsets West Co-op.

A $20 payment each year keeps this membership updated and active.

Request a membership form either online or at the store.

Join an enthusiastic team of member/owners who keep the store upbeat, active and on the road. There are many roles that a person can be involved with, on an hourly, daily, or once a year task. Every little bit helps keep your Member Owner Worker Co-operative up and running smoothly. 

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