Buyers Club

Buyers Club

Azure Standard Buyers' Club

You may access the Buyers' Club either on-line or in our store, we have catalogs at our Clallam Bay Store for you. Orders need to be submitted by phone, via email to Sunsets West Co-op or in person at the store. The orders are placed the last week of each month, and come back in only four days, that is on the first Tuesday of each month. They are available for pick up from Wednesday pm.

Orders can be placed anywhere during the month. There is 15% Co-op fee charged on all orders, we have to pay our courier who picks up the order monthly after hours and transports it to us all..

The Buyers Club is popular with local shoppers for one of these good reasons:

1. Good products at low prices
2. Better quality for the price
3. Bulk amount benefits
4. Locally grown products can be chosen from the catalog.
5. You save on transport costs
6. You support your local economy
7. You have good food available in your own stash

Check with the Co-op for monthly dates.

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